Love Yourself
If you write and publicize good things about yourself, you get auto-assigned a tough task to maintain that image. Also these very posts come to your rescue during tough times and you can always go back and read them to get inspired. But more than that, the focus on positivity is what forms the basis of the strong argument in favor of loving yourself. Read More..

Lean and Six Sigma Projects succeeds
Top 3 reasons of successful completion of Lean and Six Sigma projects. Here I have mentioned (based on my experience), only those reasons which are present in successful projects, but absent in unsuccessful projects. For example, ‘top management support’ or ‘excellent training’ do not figure in the list as their presence does not guarantee success Read More..

An entrepreneur is the one who initially chooses to live a life which others are afraid of, to later live a life which others can only dream of. Some of the worst fears, which might prevent you from starting on your own, are fear of unknown, giving up a well paying job and facing ridicule if you fail. Read More..

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